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WE WON!!!!

Hi everyone!! This update brings some very AWESOME news! Read more


THIS IS IT! UNDERCOVER is now LIVE and available to rent/buy via our online affiliate platform, IndieReign!!! Read more

Brand New UNDERCOVER Trailer!!!!

Check out the brand new trailer to celebrate the upcoming online release of UNDERCOVER!!! May 19th - only a few days to go until you can rent or buy a copy of UNDERCOVER!!!!  Read more


Today is Monday 12th of May - and that means there is only one week until we officially release UNDERCOVER online for rental and purchase via our affiliate platform, IndieReign! We are so excited to share it with you!! This week the film is open to our exclusive preview audience... Read more

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Langston Hughes African Amercian Film Festival

Here is an awesome photo of Richard (centre front) at the 2014 Langston Hughes African American Film Festival in Seattle. UNDERCOVER was a success at the festival and we got some great reviews! Good timing for our online release next week! WATCH THIS SPACE! Read more

Film festivals are underway for Undercover!

It's been a whirlwind few months for the Stomp It Out Productions Crew! We had an amazing reception at our first ever film festival, the 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival in L.A. and the just this week,  we were just accepted into another festival! The Langston Hughes African American... Read more

OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 21st Pan African Film Festival!!!

Great news everyone, we have been accepted into our first film festival - the 22nd Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Thanks to our amazing Undercover Agents (Kickstarter backers), we had the funds to enter this festival and now we have the funds to print the necessary Blu-rays... Read more


Thanks to the 41 backers who pledged their support to our Undercover Kickstarter campaign, we managed to raise a total of $10,540 to go towards our post production fees! This is an amazing acheivement and we are so thankful to all who helped us out.  Read more

Kickstarter ticks along - but we need more agents!

We are just over half way through our Kickstarter campaign and we are doing really well!  Read more

Want to see Undercover?

Our Kickstarter page has launched!!! Kickstarter is a crowd raising platform where you can raise funds for creative and design projects. It's an all or nothing system, so there's no risk for you in losing out. Read more

Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. Back in the 80's, Richard was working as an Undercover narcotics officer for the New York Police Department. His job was to infiltrate the crack infested underground, and find out where the drugs were coming from. But the problem with living your life behind a mask is that sooner or later, someone is going to see behind it, and discover who you really are. But this isn't just the story about Richard's escape and survival from deep undercover, it's also a story about what happened next, it's a story about one mans' journey to find his true self, his true spirit and his true purpose.

Richard is a story telling master and his tale is gripping, heart wrenching and life affirming. It turns out that for Richard, hiding his identity from some drug dealers was nothing compared what he was hiding from the rest of the world, and having a near death experience allowed him to see what was really important in life. For Richard, that realization took him all over the world and led him to where he is today, helping at-risk kids at an after school program in Brooklyn.

This film is very honest, and Richard took a big risk in exposing himself the way he does. It may result in him having to walk away from what is his greatest passion - and from kids that completely idolise him. But for Richard, he knows the importance of truth and the power of the message…and we all feel that his story needs to be shared and this film needs to be seen.

Official Undercover Trailer #2: